We are the Positive Industry community
& the entity of the new competitiveness.

We are anticipatory industry

We work with scenarios
and macro trends

A committed community

With the industry and with the
progress of society

We generate a high impact

With powerful transformative tools
and services

We are the most
avant-garde companies
in the spanish industry

amec integrates the main spanish industries,
those who share a clear international,
innovative and collaborative vocation.

Manufacturers of sustainable solutions for smart cities

Manufacturers of technology and accessories for the textile and clothing sector

Manufacturers of technology for packaging, packaging, bottling and its graphics

Manufacturers of bathroom, sanitation and ventilation equipment

Manufacturers of advanced technology for plastic and rubber

Industrial supply and hardware manufacturers

Food technology and ingredients manufacturers

Electrical equipment manufacturers

Manufacturers of highly customized industrial technology

Our companies, always present
at the main international industrial fairs


Rennes, France

12 - 14 march 2024



16 - 19 april 2024

Tech Textil


23 - 16 april 2024

A powerful
international network

amec’s International Network is a powerful tool for strategic contacts in 38 destination countries. We dispose of representatives and delegates that act as an extension of the amec community by putting their experience and knowledge of each market at the disposal of our members.

Creators of the Positive Industry movement

Being a member of the Positive Industry movement means committing to the

  • Act strategically and in advance for the benefit of the ecosystem of which we are part.

  • Adapt quickly and in the kindest way to a changing environment.

  • Collaborate with companies, entities and society when we can contribute to the collective good.

  • Understand that our actions transcend the world: think globally but also act locally.

  • Ensure sustainability as the only path for the progress of the company, society, and the planet

How can we collaborate?

At amec we offer a wide portfolio of services and activities to develop with other entities or companies that are not part of our community, although… we love to innovate! Contact us 😉

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