About the amec community

amec is an entity that brings together the main international industries of Spain: a visionary, collaborative and self-governed community.


spanish industrial companies


million € in export volume


% average investment in innovation

international activities

Committed to progress

+ 2,800 industrial managers

Collaborative DNA to go further

We are the industries of the new era

amec is the entity that brings together the main international industries in Spain: a visionary, collaborative, self-governed community with powerful lobbying activity. At the center of our activity are our industries, those that govern amec, those that share experiences and those that benefit from our knowledge, contacts and performance.

The first industrial
entity with purpose

Contribute, from the industry, to making the change of era safe, transversal and positive for people and the planet. And not only that. We are going to work so that each of the industries in our country has its purpose. We are very convinced of the transformative potential of the industry and the value that this will bring to the global market and the planet in general.

With a very clear

Promote the new key factors of competitiveness in companies: anticipation, adaptability, collaboration, glocalization and sustainability. We base our mission on ensuring that our companies are prepared for a new era that will be completely VUCA and where everything we know until today can change forever.

How can we collaborate?

At amec we offer a wide portfolio of services and activities to develop with other entities or companies that are not part of our community, although… we love to innovate! Contact us 😉

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