International Projects

We have an extensive experience in European projects

This type of project has as a differentiating element, the cooperation between Spanish entities and third countries, to generate business opportunities for our community abroad.

Our expertise

Our desire is to be able to work together with other entities and organizations to search for new project opportunities that benefit our business ecosystem.

Our strengths as a partner of European projects are:
  • Internationalization
  • Knowledge of the business ecosystem
  • Studies focused on commercial barriers and opportunities
  • Organization of activities abroad
  • Relationship with international stakeholders
  • Training for business development entities or companies
  • Contribution to the project dissemination component
  • Technical assistance and governance programs
  • Transfer of know-how in production processes
  • Pilot projects of machinery applied to the sectors of amec

We are at your disposal to explore synergies and work together in the development of proposals for public projects.

Our latest projects

ESCT GO GLOBAL. European SmartCityTech Goes Global

Project focused on the internationalization of European clusters and companies that apply to the smart cities sector, in the markets of Singapore, the United States and India.

LIFE Project. Ecodhybat

Project for the development of eco-hygienic design solutions and machinery for food processes.

How can we collaborate?

At amec we offer a wide portfolio of services and activities to develop with other entities or companies that are not part of our community, although… we love to innovate!

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